We woke up to a cold, windy, and cloudy morning as National Geographic Resolution cruised southwards along the west coast of Spitsbergen Island. With such weather conditions, outings were not a tempting option. Instead, naturalist Carl Erik Kilander gave a presentation on Svalbard´s nature and the management of this Norwegian archipelago in the high Arctic.

During the morning, we entered into Hornsund, one of the most scenic landscapes of Svalbard. We searched the shores and cruised towards the edge of fast ice in the inner fjords of Hornsund. A walk on the ice outside of Samarinbreen was certainly one of the great highlights of our voyage.

After lunch, we cruised into the eastern branch of Burgerbukta in search of wildlife. There was little to be found, except for a couple seals and a few seabirds. We then nosed into West Burgerbukta, hoping to find a furry creature. Although our search efforts were still without much success, we felt privileged to take in so much beautiful scenery on this sunny afternoon. Many guests took the opportunity to photograph the majestic peaks and snow-covered slopes that surround the calm waters of the Hornsund fjord. What an amazing experience to be here in Svalbard in the early spring!

After a varied mix of recaps and another great dinner, the crew put on a very entertaining music show. What a great finale for another day of exploration in Svalbard!