Our day began with morning stretches led by Lani on the Sundeck, offering a rejuvenating start to the day. After breakfast in the Outdoor Café, we embarked on a Zodiac expedition down the narrow Porosus Creek, home to an ecologically-vital population of mangroves and the estuarine crocodiles for which it was named.

The Hunter River, extending 30 kilometers, boasts the highest density of estuarine crocodiles in the Kimberley region. These ancient creatures are crucial to the ecosystem and hold cultural significance for the Wunambal Gaambera people, as the river is home to the mythical Wunggurr, the creator snake. Known as Yirinni to the Indigenous Wunambal people, this area is rich in both natural and cultural heritage.

In the afternoon, we repositioned the ship north to Thor’s Hammer. Our Zodiac cruise provided stunning views of this unique geological structure, featuring a handle of breccia and a massive Wunaamin Miliwundi sandstone head.

The day continued with an insightful photography presentation by Naturalist and Lindblad Certified Photo Instructor, David Cothran. The evening concluded with cocktails, a recap of the day, and a special Aussie BBQ dinner in the Outdoor Café.