We woke this morning aboard National Geographic Explorer in a sea filled with ice. Large bergs dominated the horizon, and a bank of light illuminated them, beckoning us to continue sailing forward. As we navigated our way into the narrow harbor, we passed large, grounded icebergs that have flowed from the glacial fjord that surrounds the village.

With a busy day ahead of us, we donned our warm layers and set off for our activities. While all bundled up, we loaded into small, local boats that zipped us into and around the enormous tabular icebergs that choke the end of the fjord. We observed humpback whales fluking and diving through the icy waters.

Afterwards, we set off into town by bus to pay a visit to the Ice Center. We went inside the beautiful structure to learn about the story of ice from a cultural, scientific, and natural perspective, as told by the many recorded voices of the people who call this place home.

Exiting the center, we came to the boardwalk. As we followed along, our guide taught us about the many incredible flowers, plants, lichen, and fungi that make up the arctic tundra. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is certainly a site to behold. Walking down the boardwalk towards the incredible river of ice leaves one feeling both small and amazed.

Our day in Ilulissat created an opportunity to witness the life and nature that make Greenland a unique and incredible place to call home.