A morning of clouds and mist is never out of place in the Inian Islands, and sometimes it heralds the beginning of a day filled with amazing wildlife! So, it was today we loaded Zodiacs and headed away from National Geographic Quest on our early rounds of tours.

As we headed through Mosquito Pass into Mosquito Cove, we were Immediately surrounded by curious sea lions grunting and sighing their way into the new day. A quick trip into Sea Otter Cove revealed that our fuzzy friends had thrived over the winter, and an abundance of eagles completed the morning as we made our way around North Inian Island.

A quick trip back to the ship for lunch, and once again we were off on our adventures, this time at George Island. Our Zodiac tours allowed us to spend some time with some very frisky humpback whales and to see the stone arches that abound in this area. Our afternoon tour led us to Elfin Cove, a wonderful little fishing berg that you could pass without a clue, if you didn’t know it was there!

In all, it was an amazing day at the northern tip of Southeast Alaska!

Photos by Jeff Campbell and Alexandrea Tice