Another ad-Venture-ous day began amidst the mist of a classically Alaskan morning in the Inian Islands—a remote forested wonderland situated at the mouth of the open Pacific Ocean. With the Inside Passage to our east and Japan to the (distant) west, the morning saw us brave the incredible tidal rapids rushing between North, Middle, and South Inian Islands in some decidedly soggy Zodiacs, though nothing could dampen our spirits! With whirlpools, standing waves, and gigantic ocean gurgles carrying surprised rockfishes, octopuses, and skates to waiting hordes of Steller’s sea lions and circling bald eagles, it was an astonishing time to be caught up in these particular current events! A break in the clouds saw extra paw-portunities to watch a raft of sea otters lounging lazily in the Eularia dragon kelp, including moms and pups and one otterly impressive individual that was spotted dining on a massive basket sea star pulled up from the depths! After warm chai lattes (with optional spicy splashes of whiskey for those old enough to partake) and a delicious lunch to reset for the afternoon, we went ashore in Port Althorp for wander-full walks through a wilderness landscape that can only be descripted as awesome. Many kayaked among lion’s mane jellyfishes as we explored the intertidal meadows filled with bear prints—sure signs that this was indeed a special place in this grand temperate rainforest. In short: From sea otters to grizzly tracks, a bear-y pawesome day in South Alaska indeed!