Today was a triple ‘WOW’ day! We awoke to calm, clear, and sunny conditions, highly unusual for the coast of Southeast Alaska! After dropping anchor, we embarked on Zodiac cruises past sea otters lounging in kelp beds. We timed our arrival at a narrow passage just as the tide began to rise. The power of the incoming tide creates vigorous vertical water motion such that fish are rapidly forced to the surface. Ravenous sea lions quickly captured the fish as they rose, surfaced with them in their mouths, and tossed them back-and-forth to manipulate for swallowing, thereby creating small pieces instantly captured by the ever-watchful gulls. Adult and juvenile bald eagles, as numerous as pigeons in a park, swept down to snatch fish floundering helplessly on the surface. Our cameras and eyes continuously scanned the frenetic feeding frenzy for photo ops and mental memories. Before leaving, we spotted a pod of five orcas that formed a perfect foreground to a background of the impressive snow-covered Fairweather Mountains. Truly postcard quality!

In the afternoon, we traveled to nearby Salt Chuck Bay for kayaking, hiking in the forest and muskeg, and Zodiac cruising, again in perfect weather. The evening was capped with the traditional Crab Night.