Today, as we get to the end of our adventure around the Galapagos Archipelago, we adventured on the western side of the enchanted islands. We started the day with an early circumnavigation around Roca Redonda, located at the north side of Isabela Island. As the famous Herman Melville stated, “We had the opportunity to see a great abundance and variety of marine birds.”

We continued the day by heading to Punta Vicente Roca and during the navigation we crossed the equator and became “shellbacks”. As we anchored, we explored and enjoyed the richness of the underwater world where we had an amazing encounter with a male killer whale.

Finally, to close an incredible day, we navigated to Fernandina Island and explored its coastline and underwater bounty. We had the opportunity to witness La Cumbre lava activity from one of its flanks. It was an amazing show. Better than fireworks!