We started our day with a wet landing on a black sandy beach where turtles come to lay eggs this time of year. Just a few steps from the beach, we encountered a pair of giant tortoises mating. They didn’t even notice us observing them. Our day was off to a great start.

As we continued our walk, we encountered beautiful male land iguanas along the path. They were warming up so they can move around and find food. Based on their color and behaviors, they may be looking for a territory with females.

We enjoyed great subjects for photo opportunities, including tortoises, iguanas, and various birds that live on the island. As the morning came to an end, some of us took a quick and refreshing dip in the ocean.

In the afternoon, various activities were offered. Guests kayaked along the coast of Tagus Cove for exercise as they observed wildlife. Penguins, turtles, cormorants, and sea lions are common sights on the island.

Later, we prepared for snorkeling. We observed graceful sea turtles, surprising cormorants, playful sea lions, the always marvelous penguins, and an endless number of marine creatures.

We enjoyed an invigorating hike to a nearby ash cone with a fantastic view of a lake. The scenery was incredible. We observed outstanding colors along the edges of the very salty water, and picturesque palo santo trees adorned the area. Other guests took it easy. They enjoyed a Zodiac ride along the coast to look for interesting wildlife. It was a great finish to another day in the incredible Galapagos Islands.