Explorers aboard National Geographic Endurance rose to a cloudy but calm morning along the south shores of Isla Observatorio, an island just north of Isla de los Estados, Argentina. Guests loaded into Zodiacs in the morning and enjoyed the abundant wildlife as they cruised along the island’s rugged shores. In typical Patagonian fashion, the weather soon changed. Precipitation began falling from the sky, and winds increased in speed and intensity. However, the adventurers were not deterred and pressed on, taking in the magic and majesty of the Patagonian landscape. While guests cruised the seas above, the undersea team explored the seas below as they adventured through the island’s extensive kelp beds.

In the afternoon, we ventured to Puerto Cook on the island of Isla de los Estados, where most guests made a landing on the shores. Others elected to cruise around the bay in Zodiacs. Explorers enjoyed hikes along the wild coast of the fjord and visited the remnants of a historic prison originally erected in 1899. Once again, the undersea team explored the region’s extensive kelp forests.

The evening was capped off by National Geographic Endurance’s crew show, where the incredible talents of various crew members were shared to the delight of the explorers.