Today was the definition of “a rich full day” here in Baja. National Geographic Venture made anchorage early in the morning as guests readied themselves for an exciting start to the day, dawn snorkeling! As the sun rose, we entered the water and were greeted by sergeant majors, pufferfish, sea cucumbers, glowing Sapphirinas, and all their friends! This was a magical way to start the day, but we were only just beginning. After snorkeling, we came back to the ship for a delicious brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch? Early in the afternoon, we boarded Zodiacs and dispersed for hikes on this picturesque island filled with cactus, various lush green plants, and chirping birds hiding amongst the branches. One guest remarked, “It was like walking through the garden of Eden.” Returning with stories and fantastic pictures, it was time for a beach barbecue dinner. We watched diving pelicans and enjoyed delicious food with our feet in the sand and a warm fire nearby, perfect for smores. Returning to the ship during sunset offered yet more unique scenery as the waning light glowed against the desert cliffs. On this unique evening, we finished the day with a rousing game of trivia in the lounge. A truly “rich full day.”