Who knew that an extra little flag of yellow keratin on your beak might be attractive to a future mate? Apparently American white pelicans are leaning that way, as many sighted on a sand bar this morning were wearing their keratinous lures on their beaks, an indication they are reproductively mature adults and are actively breeding. Birds, birds, birds this morning along the shoreline of Isla Magdalena: egrets, herons, frigates, godwits!

First things first, the five coyotes we viewed walking the beach while we were at breakfast, which cleared dining room tables to look out port side windows. Those were the fattest coyotes I think any of us had ever seen. Later in pangas out at the Boca de Soledad, we had one last look at gray whales, which included a cow/calf pair, a juvenile, and two adults. Our memories of Baja California are treasures we will cherish for years to come.