This morning we sailed into one of the most spectacular parts of southern England. The Scilly Isles resemble waters of the Mediterranean. The clear, shallow, turquoise waters around the islands made for incredible views, but historically its difficult-to-navigate waters have sunk thousands of ships. Quaint and covered in gardens and plants, the lands of the Scillies are a spectacular destination for walking tours and hikes.

In the morning the group set out to Tresco to visit its very well-maintained gardens. The dive team set out to find a ship-wreck dive site while guests were ashore. Everyone was impressed with the vast gardens and its history.

The afternoon included hikes ashore at St. Martin’s, a smaller island community. The aerobic, natural history, and photo walks all had such picturesque scenery during the walk from lower town quay to higher town.

The isles of Scilly are sure to be a favorite stop during the journey for many and a highlight for all the guests.