Overnight, National Geographic Orion brought us from Misool in Raja Ampat to the town of Kokas in West Papua, Indonesia. We started our day with a trip into the town, where we were greeted with a welcome celebration from the local people. We had the chance to walk around the village and get a sense of the local culture, taste some of the foods, and talk to the people who live in this fishing village. Kokas has a long and interesting history that includes important sites from World War II. Guests visited a Japanese bunker and tunnel system and saw old cannons left behind in the town. After exploring for a couple hours, we regrouped and headed out in our Zodiacs to see the ancient rock art of the Berau Gulf. Archeologists are still debating the exact age of the red ochre paintings, but it is agreed that they are thousands of years old. The paintings were stenciled on limestone cliffs with powdered natural dyes, leaving behind impressions of hands, fish, boomerangs, and geometric patterns.