On our third day of exploration in the many islands of Indonesia, we found ourselves anchored at one of the region’s most famous: Komodo Island. Komodo, whose dramatic ridgeline encircles a wide bay, is a household name because of the large reptilian residents that call the island home and the wildlife that we came to see. We disembarked on the island to join local rangers in search of the famous Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard. The trail led us through a landscape of towering trees, vibrant orchids, and tangled vines. As we trekked, our guide shared fascinating insights into the island's rich biodiversity, highlighting the unique adaptations of its flora and fauna to the challenging environment, especially during the dry season. Almost immediately, everyone had close encounters with the massive reptiles as they slowly made their way across the brush of the forest floor. A truly fantastic sight in a mesmerizing landscape.

Later in the afternoon, we repositioned to the nearby Pink Beach, where everyone explored the abundant coral reefs of the island. Some joined the undersea team for dives at the point while others snorkeled from the colorful pink beach. Cuttlefish, sharks, and a thousand types of reef fish were among the sightings. Together, it made for an unforgettable exploration both above and below water, showcasing the wide biodiversity of Komodo Island.