This morning, guests onboard National Geographic Quest awoke in Halleck Harbor on Kuiu Island. A dozen or so Northern sea otters swam about in this quaint harbor, cleaning their fur, diving for food, and occasionally playing with each other in the morning quiet. The bridge team and our expedition leader devised a plan to get everyone off the ship to explore this incredible region. Guests were invited to go on an exploratory hike with trails made only by forest animals – essentially a bushwhack! Afterwards, they took advantage of the calm waters of Halleck Harbor and go kayaking!

In the afternoon, we brought Dr. Andy Zabo onboard, a humpback whale researcher and current head of The Alaska Whale Foundation. Dr. Zabo gave a presentation on the current research that he and his team are conducting on the whales in this region. Thank you so much Dr. Zabo!

All in all, it was a fantastic day in Southeast Alaska!