We woke this morning on National Geographic Explorer to an unusually sunny and warm day at L’Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage site. As we landed on the shore, we were greeted by some cheerful Vikings! We then headed out for our exciting activities.

Arriving at L’Anse aux Meadows Visitor Center and Museum, we had the sense that we were traveling through time. Guided by knowledgeable historians, we visited archeological sites where a Viking settlement stood a thousand years ago! We observed the remains of homes. Continuing down the boardwalk, we found ourselves truly experiencing the past as we walked into a reconstruction of a Viking villa. People dressed as Norsemen told us how inhabitants once lived and offered guests the opportunity to dress up and pose with ancient weapons.

At Norsestead, a Viking village, we had the opportunity to trade with local Norsemen and observe them knitting, weaving, and forging in the blacksmith shop. We even tried our hand at throwing axes and tasting homemade frybread and jams.

For lunch, some enjoyed a rowdy Viking feast and others a delicious seafood sampler. Spending extra time in the sunshine, we were delighted to see an active humpback whale in the sea below the cliffs.

In the afternoon, we visited the home and museum of missionary Grenfell who helped provide westernized medical care to the community.

To complete our Viking filled day, we had a lively concert after dinner from the on-board crew band, “The Spice Boys and Girls.” Much dancing, laughter, and fun were had by all.