National Geographic Explorer dropped off guests on the shores of Newfoundland for the first time this voyage. With only a couple days of the trip remaining, we aimed to make the best of it – and that is exactly what we did. We came ashore similar to the way the Vikings did over 1000 years ago – on small boats designed for shallow water navigation. Leif Erikson’s voyage brought him to this exact location on Newfoundland where he established a basecamp for exploration of the land that he called Vinland. We were invited by locals to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site and visit the archeological remains of Erikson’s basecamp. Additionally, we visited Norstead, a recreation site designed to look and feel like a Viking village from Iceland. It was an incredible morning full of sword fighting, axe throwing, trading, and laughter.

In the afternoon, we transferred via bus to St. Anthony’s to visit the Grenfell Museum and the Grenfell House. These unique places offer insight into Dr. Wilfred Thomason Grenfell’s life as he aimed to improve the lives of the coastal inhabitants and fishermen of Newfoundland. His work was crucial in spearheading efforts to provide proper care to hundreds of people in this region of the world.