Today was our first full day spent exploring the coast of Norway aboard National Geographic Endurance. After leaving Bergen yesterday, we awoke near Loen, a small town at the end of the long Nordfjord. The morning activities were split between exploring on foot up to Briksdal Glacier and by boat to Kjenndal Glacier. Led by wonderful local guides, our groups set out with eager anticipation to explore these magnificent landscapes.

Along the trail to Briksdal Glacier, our attention was drawn to many flowers and plants, including a beautiful orchid. The vistas that unfolded before us were nothing short of breathtaking, with panoramic views of towering peaks shrouded in clouds and many cascading waterfalls gushing down the cliffs. The Briksdal Glacier, though retreating, still commanded a formidable presence with its icy facade towering above the green lagoon below.

In the afternoon, we took the skylight up into the clouds for an eerie walk through the fog. It was a great start to our two-week expedition along the Norwegian coast and eventually to Svalbard.