What a great way to kick off an expedition! We sailed in very calm waters last night, and we woke this morning to clear skies above the picturesque cliffs of Nordfjord. After an early lunch, everyone boarded coaches for a pre-chosen destination. One group hiked up to the base of the Briksdal Glacier, where one can witness the dramatic effects of a warming climate as the glacier has receded far up the valley. The trail follows a glacial stream that offers good photo opportunities.

Our second group enjoyed a very scenic boat cruise to the top of Loen Lake, followed by a short coach ride to the base of Kjenndal Glacier, which has also receded in recent decades. Clear skies and a cool breeze made the visit all the more enjoyable.

As everyone returned to the harbor, we had time to ride the SkyLift cable car to the top of the local mountain. What spectacular views!