Sailing into majestic Nordfjord with clear skies, sun, green valleys, blooming apple trees, and snowy mountains was a once in a lifetime experience. 08:30 sharp the Zodiacs took us to shore where local guides waited to show us the best of the fjords.

Hiking the gorgeous valley up to Briksdal Glacier was stunning. Snowmelt gave a spray from waterfalls as we passed. The green lake in front of the glacier was stunning and the group who went to the Loen Valley had a boat tour on the water with overhanging glaciers and waterfalls.

Back on the ship, the crew had prepared a Filipino lunch with the most delicious offerings from their culture. In the afternoon, we explored the Loen Skylift, a cable car that took us up to 3,300 feet where we got a bird’s eye view of the valleys we had explored.

Photos by Erika Larsen, Stefano Pozzi, Giulia Ciampini and Erlend Folstad