Hola, from Baja California!

National Geographic Sea Bird is presently anchored just south of Porto Lopez Mateos. We woke to another stunning sunrise and refreshing stretch class from legendary wellness specialist, Allison Dickey. Today is set to be a busy day filled with gray whale searching.

This morning we are in the northern part of Magdalena Bay where we are searching for mother and calf pairs. With this species, the mating pairs typically stay on the south end of this massive and long bay, while the moms and calves typically stay on the north side.

Our expedition leader, Steve, arranged two rounds of whale searching for our guests. One excursion was offered in the morning and one in the afternoon, each two hours long. Every guest took both opportunities to go out searching, and WOW were we successful! We saw approximately 15 adults just on the outside of the bay entrance, likely waiting for the super high tide to ride the waves into the bay. Guests were elated by the gray whale sightings today.

In addition to whales, we also encountered a small pod of bottlenose dolphins, and our local guides took us exploring into a stunning mangrove system to search for delightful birds.

As we closed the day, we spotted a coyote on the shoreline, feeding off scraps. Cheers echoed throughout the ship.

The sun set and painted the sky oranges, pinks, and purples. We raised a glass to an absolutely magical day here in Baja California.