This morning we made a spectacular navigation of Melfjorden here in Norway. Located in the municipality of Rødøy in Nordland County, Melfjorden is located very close to the Arctic Circle. There are two fjord arms that branch off the main fjord and we chose to explore Nordfjorden, which led us to Saltfjellet–Svartisen National Park.

Our expedition leader Mike Jackson offered a flurry of expedition-style activities which ranged from a stroll along the shore and a strenuous uphill climb of a dry creek bed, to kayaking and Zodiac tours.

In the afternoon we spent the time exploring via ship, including a visit to the Nattmoråga Waterfall. It was amazing to see how close Captain Oliver Kruess and the bridge team were able to get the ship’s bow to the waterfall.

After dinner we had a chance to go ashore at a unique island called Traena. It was our first excursion that didn’t involve a Zodiac ride to reach land, we just walked off the ship onto the dock. A variety of activities were offered, including hearing a choral performance in the local chapel or enjoying beer and fish cakes in a local pub.

It was a very memorable, enjoyable day here exploring the coast of Norway aboard National Geographic Endurance.