What a day. What a day.

A gloriously foggy Antarctic morning awaited us as National Geographic Resolution crept into Mikkelsen Harbor at the southern tip of Trinity Island. As we stretched out on the decks, impressive and heavily crevassed glaciers carpeted the sea. Following a warm and filling breakfast, Zodiacs were launched for D’Hainaut Island, a rocky haven located in this blanket of white.

Guests were immediately greeted by gentoo penguins – young, old, and unborn. Unlike past colonies we visited on this voyage where the chicks were almost fully grown, many gentoo chicks remained huddled under their parents, seeking warmth and continued food. The most adventurous guests experienced thousands of penguins for hours as we made our way from one side of the island to the other. Along the way, we observed and photographed fur seals, Weddell seals, blue whale bones, and a water boat.

Guests are now incredibly well-versed in the loading and unloading of Zodiacs, demonstrating agility when exiting. Chapeau!

As if the morning were not enough, National Geographic Resolution traveled to Cierva Cove in the afternoon for new activities and exciting adventures. As though summoned by radio, dozens of orcas appeared at Cape Vivot to mesmerize those aboard for hours.

Following that show, the ship continued deep into Cierva Cove. With Captain Sam at the helm along with the trusted and talented staff, we navigated among jaw-dropping icebergs, sea ice, and glacier faces. The sun sliced through the clouds, and we enjoyed an afternoon of photography, sounds, and extravagance among the ice. What a show!

Marine biologists on staff delivered captivating recaps of the day’s events, including an overview of orca biology and family structure. Later in the evening, the ship’s crew put on an incredible show in the Ice Lounge, capping off an amazing day spent exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.