We really got a feel for the Greek Island of the Aegean with our stop this morning on the island of Milos. We toured the northern part of the island with our first stop being at Sarakiniko, where we walked down to see the amazing rock formations. We had fun trying to photograph the waves as they came crashing in on the cliffs.

At Tripiti, after seeing the statue of Aphrodite of Melos in its original location, we wandered down to a restored ancient theater. A few checked out the acoustics with their best renditions. Then it was on to the picturesque village of Plaka where, after a guided tour, we wandered the narrow streets with the classic Greek white houses distinguished by blue shutters and doors.

After lunch we set sail out of the caldera and had presentations from Sue Forbes, our photo instructor on “Photography Essentials” for this region and from Captain Sergey Komakin on the weather.