Today we woke up in Alaska…and to sunshine! We enjoyed a sunny and casual morning while we waited to complete customs before heading toward Misty Fjords National Monument. We entered via Behm Canal, and shortly thereafter New Eddystone Rock rose up to greet us like a castle emerging from the ocean. After circumnavigating the volcanic plug, we headed deeper into the Wilderness National Monument while harbor porpoises flitted across the water’s surface. As we entered the fjords, we were awestruck by the glacially-formed rock faces that rose over 3,000 feet above us. Waterfalls and hanging valleys were also abundant. It quickly became obvious why John Muir referred to this area as the, “Yosemite of the North.”

In the afternoon, we explored Owl Pass via kayaks and Zodiac cruises. Some lucky folks even got to see mountain goats, a rare sighting in this area! In the evening—just before our cocktail hour—everyone onboard was treated to an incredible feeding display by a nearby humpback whale. The whale rolled and spun countless times while we watched it meander and bubble-feed along the shoreline. Even the naturalists onboard had never seen such unique behavior from a lone whale. We all felt like we were given an intimate and rare look into this whale’s world. Overall, it was a gorgeous and very special first day in Alaska!