We were all very excited to start our expedition voyage through the Marquesas Islands. For this day we were in Puamau on Hiva Oa.

As is typical of Lindblad Expeditions, we all had multiple options to choose from, some of us heading to land on the island, others for in water activities. For those on the island, we were able to be immersed in local culture and see incredible statues, the sacred site, and its significance interpreted by our onboard cultural expert Tua Pittman. Some of us are more inclined to “blow bubbles” under water, so it was time to scuba dive. We saw incredible life in these nutrient-rich waters.

In the afternoon, we went on a Zodiac cruise. We were able to break into small groups, get onto a Zodiac and head off to explore the coastline separately. We could see firsthand that the Marquesas were formed by multiple volcanic eruptions via the Marquesan hot spot. Over thousands of years, many layers compacted each other, creating the islands we see today. From the coastline we could see the beautiful sedimentary layers that had become exposed. We were also able to see the various marine life on the shoreline up close, and simply enjoy the incredible scenery. The day finished with the Captain’s welcome cocktails on the top deck of National Geographic Orion. A fantastic way to cap a wonderful day.