What a treat this morning to be able to visit the best-preserved Iron Age Broch in the world, not only a wonder to the eyes but to the mind. How on earth were the inhabitants able to build such a sturdy dwelling that has lasted more than 2,000 years? Those that braved the climb up the steep narrow staircase were rewarded with 360° views, a clear indication that protection of the site was a priority in its design and placement.

There were several options of ways to experience the Shetland Islands this afternoon. Some were treated to a bird’s eye view from Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, with seabirds diving past the windows in search of a beak-full of fish from below. Another highlight was a stop at the remarkable archaeological site of Jarlshof, with village settlements dating back more than 4,000 years. Guests on the Western Shetland Life tour learned about the local fishing industry in Shetland and continued on to explore the beautiful scenery and heritage of the island of Burra.

There was so much to experience in the Shetland Islands, and most left looking forward to their next visit.