Today's expedition reminded us of the enduring power of Greek mythology. We visited famous Mycenae, in the Peloponnese, and remembered the Iliad and some of the most famous Greek dramas and plays. We arrived at the impressive citadel, fortified by cyclopean walls constructed with huge irregular stones; maybe they were created by people of the Bronze age, or maybe by Giant Cyclops (I prefer to think it was the one-eyed giants). The archeologist Henrich Schliemann discovered the city with its tombs and burial treasures. When I was a teenager I read a book about Schliemann’s obsession with Homer and finding Troy. Schliemann dedicated his life and his fortune to pursuing his goal. He succeeded, even though no one believed in him or in the real existence of the characters and cities mentioned in the Iliad.

Our expedition was nothing short of extraordinary. We ventured deep into the heart of the Mycenean ruins, guided by our expert guide Kryton. We discovered remarkable artifacts in the site museum, including intricately crafted pottery and ornate jewelry, which shed new light on the artistic and cultural heritage of the Mycenean civilization. This was a dream come true!

We also spent some time exploring the lively cafes and shops of Nauplio. As the sun began to set over the Peloponnesian landscape, we gathered at the lido deck to enjoy a slide show with photos contributed by all guests. We had our farewell cocktails and dinner, and then enjoyed shanty songs with the crew of the Sea Cloud. We danced and laughed underneath the bright constellations of Greek gods and goddesses.