The Amazon forests are the lungs of our planet. They alone generate about 20% of the oxygen we need for life.

After sunrise and breakfast this morning, we embarked on the skiffs to explore the abundant wildlife up the river at Nauta Creek. Our keen, eagle-eyed naturalists are familiar with the area, and they helped guests spot and even photograph several species of birds, sloths, and well-camouflaged bats.

It is common to see small human communities along the riverbanks. They make their living by working the fertile soil with the abundant rainwater, growing crops for their own use and commerce.

We observed fishermen in small canoes along the river’s edge, catching fish which are aplenty here.

Back on board, one of the naturalists gave a presentation on the fruits of the Amazon with a fancy, market-style display included.

After a delicious Peruvian style lunch, we had a rest before continuing with the afternoon’s program. This time, we planned to explore land.

The skiffs dropped us off at Casual Forest, where we were welcomed by community members. They kindly shared with us their passion for and care of their homeland. We encountered: a highly venomous red frog; a giant, hairy tarantula; a sloth; and a boa constrictor. The people living here know where and how to find animals that are normally hidden.

To thank them for their kindness and to support their economy, we bought some of their beautiful, well-made handcrafts.

After a day of gifts offered by our incredible Mother Nature, “la pacha mamma,” we came back on board happy and thankful for another day of life.