Today we began our explorations of the vast network of tributaries of the Upper Amazon of Peru by visiting the beautiful and pristine Nauta Creek.

Soon after our floating hotel, Delfin II, arrived at the mouth of Nauta Creek, we all eagerly boarded our trusty skiffs, and under the lead of our expert drivers and local naturalists, we ventured into the densely forested tributary of the Amazon.

The temperature was just perfect as we picked up some speed on our skiffs. Right away our naturalist started pointing out a lot of the very diverse wildlife that inhabits this, the richest ecosystem on the planet.

We had great sightings of brown-throated, three-toed sloths as they moved slowly up the trees in search of leaves to eat. They were in stark contrast to the fast moving, active squirrel monkeys moving lower and closer to the water.

It was the perfect first day!