A strong equatorial sun welcomed us to North Seymour Island as we explored along the coast and inland. Great and magnificent frigatebirds circled overhead as they searched for their daily sustenance. Galapagos fur seals lazed along the boulder strewn coastal area, trying to hide from the rising sun. On this uplifted island, we found the path strewn with eroded basaltic rocks. We were pleased to spot Galapagos land iguanas. Numerous male frigatebirds with inflated gular sacs tried to attract potential mates. They didn’t look very aerodynamic while in flight. Blue-footed boobies rested inland after their early morning forays into the shallows to feed.

As we navigated during the afternoon, the scenery changed drastically, especially as we came upon Rabida, a dark red, volcanic island. Iron oxide gives the sand its color. It was an interesting backdrop for spotting wildlife. Snorkeling opened up another world. We observed large schools of razor surgeonfish, and Pacific green sea turtles casually swam nearby. Leopard flounders and tube anemones were littered upon the benthic area, and Pacific bonito tunas jetted by as they fed in the shallow water. As the sun dipped towards the horizon, we took a late afternoon walk to end this incredible day here in the archipelago.