Today we woke up anchored at North Seymour Island, which is north of Baltra Island (officially known as South Seymour). The Seymour Islands are uplifted islands, which explains their flat profiles. We disembarked and explored a palo santo dry forest as well as North Seymour’s coastline. The island’s nickname, Bird Island, says it all. We encountered a great community of marine birds, including blue-footed boobies, two species of frigatebirds, and a swallow-tailed gull, which is the only nocturnal gull.

In the afternoon, we explored the marine world from Rábida’s red sand beach. To end an epic day, we took a peaceful stroll over an iron-oxide beach along a saltwater lagoon filled with white-cheeked pintail ducks and a small flamboyance of American flamingos!