Today we got up at six in the morning. On this beautiful day, we landed at North Seymour Island, where we found many birds having a feast. Blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, lava gulls, and frigatebirds all hunting for black stripe salemas. Numbering in the hundreds, the blue-footed boobies put on a noisy and amazing display of competition as they tried to get their fill of the little fish.

Under gray skies we observed the different species of birds, such as nesting swallow-tailed gulls, boobies, and frigatebirds. Along the way, land iguanas were trying to warm up so they would have the energy to look for food. It has been a good year for them, thanks to the rain.

We came back to our beautiful ship and set sail west to Rabida Island. As soon as we landed, guests were impressed by the reddish color of the sand. Soon we were snorkeling off the beach and enjoying the underwater view of many fish, several sea lions, and a couple of white-tipped reef sharks.

At the end of the day, some guests went out on kayaks. Others chose a walk on the shoreline, where we came across many flamingos feeding in a small lagoon very close the trail and another group of these graceful pink birds nesting in a corner. Another amazing day in the Galapagos.