Today was a remarkable day exploring the Galapagos Islands. In the morning, we visited North Seymour Island where we were treated to the sight of numerous great frigatebirds feeding their chicks. The air was filled with the sounds of the chicks calling out to their parents, creating a lively and heartwarming scene. As we walked along the trail, we also encountered several land iguanas basking in the sun, their golden scales glistening. One of the highlights was seeing the blue-footed boobies which were diligently incubating their eggs right along the path. Their vivid blue feet and dedicated parenting were fascinating to observe.

In the afternoon, we ventured to Rábida Island. The unique red landscape, colored by the oxidation of iron in the sand, was stunning and unlike anything we had seen before. The beach was adorned with a few sea lions lounging lazily, providing a perfect photo opportunity. The conditions were ideal for snorkeling, allowing us to explore the vibrant underwater world directly from the beach. While some of us enjoyed the rich marine life during our snorkeling session, others took to the water in kayaks, paddling along the shore and soaking in the serene beauty of Rábida. It was an unforgettable day, full of diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.