Today we left National Geographic Orion at Wyndham for a bus ride through the spectacular Kimberley landscape to the town on Kunanurra. One group went on a boat cruise up the Ord River while our group stopped at the old Durack homestead, a relic from when the beef cattle industry first commenced in the region in the late 1800s.

After lunch, we swapped with the first group for a three-hour cruise down the Ord River. The scenery was of typical Kimberley landscapes with large, orange sandstone cliffs against blue skies. The cruise allowed us to get up close to a whole range of wildlife, including several species of cormorants, freshwater crocodiles, jacanas, sea eagles, rock wallabies, and a large camp of noisy black flying foxes, which are Australia’s largest fruit bats.

We were all tired but happy after an exciting day off the ship.