Today started with a Zodiac tour of Otoque and Bona Islands. The skies were full of birds – cattle egrets, brown boobies, blue-footed boobies, neotropical cormorants, magnificent frigatebirds, yellow-crowned night herons, and ospreys. We learned that brown boobies are known to follow fishing vessels and may rest on water but more often on flotsam, including the backs of dozing sea turtles. We learned that the plumage of the neotropical cormorant is not waterproof, and these birds often perch to dry out their wings. They are gregarious and sometimes float shoulder-to-shoulder, herding fish and then submerging in unison to catch prey. We saw hundreds of magnificent frigatebirds, including males with the inflatable red throat pouches that are so bright and visible. It was a wonderful Zodiac ride.

We all shared a beautiful Taco Tuesday lunch followed by a wonderful presentation about the Panama Canal by expert Richard Cahill. In the evening, we began our two-day crossing of the Panama Canal. One of our guests is 100 years old and has been so excited for this moment. It didn’t disappoint. The joy continued with cocktail hour and ceviche on the sundeck and a Panamanian buffet. Tomorrow is our last full day of this trip. We will explore the Rainforest Discovery Center and Barro Colorado Island. We look forward to continuing this wonderful adventure.