We started the day early and visited the Pacaya River tributary before breakfast. It was a spectacular morning. We spotted some of the largest and most difficult to see animals, including the giant river otter. We also found caimans hidden in the shadows of the trees. After a delicious breakfast, we visited a large black water lagoon, where we had the opportunity to swim and refresh ourselves as pink river dolphins swam around us. During the morning, we visited a reserve station where river turtles are bred. We learned about the process from incubation to adulthood. On our way back to the ship, we spotted beautiful macaws and hoatzins, two very charismatic and colorful bird species.

In the afternoon, we visited El Dorado River and some smaller creeks. All the water in this area is covered by a very special golden color due to dust and algae. We found many beautiful bird species, monkeys, and a sloth! The day ended with a mesmerizing sunset.