We started exploring early this morning as we were going far and deep into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. With blue skies above, we zoomed upstream. Highlights included a flock of comical looking hoatzins and a flock of six blue-and-yellow macaws. High in the treetops, we came across several troops of red howler monkeys. After a stop for lunch, we headed downriver for what was called the “piranha plunge.” No piranhas were to be found as we cooled off in the river, and we all left with our fingers and toes intact. True to rainforest cycles, the clouds built during the morning and early afternoon and then dumped their moisture on us by the bucketful as we made our way back to the Delfin II. We filled out the afternoon with origami towel folding lessons, a talk on creative ideas with our images, and a lesson in making the perfect pisco sour. It was a delicious and refreshing way to end our day in the Upper Peruvian Amazon.