Greetings from the middle of the Pacific Ocean as National Geographic Orion makes her way to the islands of Samoa. It was a day at sea filled with lots of activity as we pushed our way across a very deep blue and peaceful ocean.

Cultural Navigator Tua, Naturalist Alessandro, and Expedition Leader Alex provided the inquisitive minds of our guests with knowledge and presentations of ‘Traditional Navigation’, ‘The Wonders of the Coral World’, and ‘The Art Treasures of the Pacific’.

Executive Chef Lorenzo wowed guests with a visit to the kitchen and galley, where so many amazing cuisines are prepared to satisfy their palettes.

To top off the day, Hotel Manager Fran and Captain Leo could not resist the opportunity to highlight the amazing cocktail facility we have on the upper deck. Guests enjoyed tasty tapas and coconut cocktails under an amazing sunset sky and refreshing cool breeze.

I could not help but notice the look of satisfaction on our guests’ faces and their open expressions of ‘this is why we came here’. One can’t help but love it.