Right after sunrise, we went on a skiff exploration through a small creek called Pahuachiro. The different birds’ songs filled the air as we cruised on the calm water of the creek. The sightings of lovely red-capped cardinals and different species of tanagers were enjoyed by our guests. Among the floating vegetation, lots of spiders and amphibians were the main attraction.

After breakfast, we had the opportunity to hike in a forest on higher ground. We had locals from the community of Casual looking for wildlife together with our naturalists. Interesting reptiles and amphibians were spotted and shown to our guests.

A skiff exploration along the Yarapa River was offered for our afternoon activity. The sighting of a family of wooly monkeys mesmerized our guests. The cruise through the flooded forest was a great treat for them, too. They were also impressed when the saw the giant water lilies blooming.

A lovely sunset was a great finale for another wonderful day exploring the Pacaya Samiria Wildlife Reserve in the Upper Amazon.