Today we started the morning early and explored the shoreline around the river. This section is often flooded, but by this time of year we can walk in the sand bank where new vegetation is starting to grow. Here we found many bird species, including colorful singing birds and raptors. For the second half of the morning, we ventured into the forest. We hiked in an area that has easy-to-walk trails; they led our groups to a hidden lagoon full of dragonflies and flowers. We also encountered leafcutter ants along the way.

Our ship was resting in a location between two rivers, and these kinds of places happen to be the best fishing sites for dolphins. Gray and pink dolphins gave us a show of their hunting skills. In the late afternoon outing, we went to Yarapa Creek looking for monkeys. They didn’t make us wait long, as we found woolly monkeys that were carrying babies and feeding very close to the river edge. We ended the day with a lesson in making Pisco sour cocktails, and a beautiful sunset.