We spent our third day aboard National Geographic Explorer amongst a colony of Adelie and chinstrap penguins on Paulet Island. The penguins were nesting, and we noticed the slightly more serene atmosphere compared to yesterday’s gentoo colony. That’s not to say there wasn’t some rambunctious activity as penguins defended their nests from each other, and villainous snowy sheathbills and brown skuas tried to steal penguin eggs. Of course, though villains they may be to penguins, the skuas and sheathbills must also earn a living and battle this inhospitable environment. A bird has to eat. Guests enjoyed a Zodiac cruise amongst icebergs and even spotted a Weddell seal on shore. Paulet Island was not the day’s only destination. As National Geographic Explorer cruised towards Snow Hill, a known emperor penguin colony was in our sight. Guests were rewarded as we found a lone emperor on an iceberg.