Aboard National Geographic Sea Lion, guests were still buzzing after an incredible wildlife day in the Inian Islands yesterday. Under the expert guidance of our expedition leader and captain, we went to Pavlof Bay in hopes of the chance to view coastal brown bears at Pavlof Falls. A population of pinky (or humpy) salmon runs up this river and jumps the falls using an installed fish ladder. The local brown bears have been known to frequent the falls to catch salmon midair as they try to jump up the falls to spawn in the river and lake above. We did not have any sightings, as it was a very low tide and still early in the season for bears to be enticed to the falls. We headed back to the ship and cruised for more wildlife sightings. Guests were treated to a short bear encounter from the bow as a brown bear meandered along the forest’s edge. Perhaps deciding it was too hot to continue, the bear ducked into the shaded forest area. Guests admired quintessential Southeast Alaska: views of channels of water flanked by beautiful shorelines and towering mountains. We even spotted multiple humpback whales.