Our first morning aboard National Geographic Venture finds us anchored in Fish Bay. The remnants of yesterday’s storm are moving through the region as the turbulent skies begin to settle. Large groups of bald eagles are seen at the mouths of three different streams that empty into the bay. The eagles are drying out and awaiting feeding opportunities as the salmon move into the streams to spawn. A haunting call sounds in the bay, and two sandhill cranes are spotted on the edge of the coastal meadow.

Humpback whales greet us upon our entrance into Kelp Bay, our afternoon destination. Hiking and kayaking fill the afternoon. Many guests have the opportunity to see brown bears feeding in the salmon stream, while others get their first glimpse of the temperate rainforest during the hikes. An audible hum of guest energy is felt in the lounge during cocktail hour and recap, a sign of a great day that was enjoyed by all.