This morning, National Geographic Quest anchored in the heart of the Gulf of Dulce right in front of Playa Blanca. From here, several activities took place. Some guests observed sugarcane processing and gold panning. Others enjoyed nature walks. A third group opted for the Heart of Palm and the Coco tours. Midday, we all returned to the beach for a delicious lunch organized by the galley. Lunch was followed by a folkloric dance demonstration performed by children of the nearby community. Later in the afternoon, most of us switched activities.

Today was very rich in culture, a good example of the positive impacts of real ecotourism. Our goal was to visit with local people. We enjoyed the opportunity to get to know a little bit about the lives of those who are the guardians of a place with such incredible biodiversity. Our hosts explained to us how the land they own was used in the past, and they shared with us why they decided to embrace environmentally friendly activities.

Each visit was interesting and different. During our experiences, we were surrounded by the rich wildlife that now moves safely between the boundaries of Corcovado National Park and the community.