Today is the day we get to share with the Costa Rican locals! We disembarked onto lovely Playa Blanca, one of the large beaches on the western side of the Golfo Dulce. We could choose to do two out of four activities and a local family or person runs each one of these projects. Our choices were to visit a gold panning and sugar cane facility, visit Doña Eida’s hearts of palm project, hike the trails in Finca Danta, or visit Alex’s garden and cacao farm.

Whichever activities we picked, we were sure to enjoy amazing stories and delicious food. Most importantly, we had the chance to learn a lot about the activities themselves and how these projects have changed the person’s life, their family’s lifestyle, and their need to continue with environmentally friendly activities.

We went back on board happy for the experience and happier to make a change in peoples’ lives.