Today was our first day of the expedition and we started activities very early in the morning with a pre-breakfast hike along Plaza Sur. Here, we saw land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, and sea lions all over the place. Today we had an exceptional opportunity to see a couple of lava gulls nesting just next to the trail. These are the rarest gulls in the world and live only in the Galapagos. After breakfast, we did a Zodiac ride along Plazas Sur to keep exploring this amazing place.

During the afternoon, we headed to Santa Fe, where we had perfect conditions for our guests to do some snorkeling and kayaking with sea lions, turtles, and many colorful fishes in calm and crystal-clear waters. As the final outdoor activity of the day, we did a sunset hike along a trail on Santa Fe to look for more wildlife and get more amazing pictures. What a wonderful day exploring the Galapagos Islands.