This morning, we woke to a rainbow streaming through mist as we anchored in Port Althorp, an expansive bay with a mosaic of forests, meadows, and intertidal gems to explore. Amidst the mist, guests struck out on various adventures – some by kayak, some by foot, some with a camera in hand, and one by paddleboard. The Global Explorers designed an adventure all their own, returning with mud on their faces and stories to share. They, along with their naturalist Kelly, called themselves the Boot-sucking Mud Survivors and wrote a song to commemorate their intertidal frolic. It goes a little something like this (to the tune of “We Will Rock You”):

We will we will explore.
We will we will explore.
Mud on our face
No disgrace
Findin’ jellies all over the place.

The lyrics speak for themselves.

Guests spent the afternoon cruising the Inian Islands on Zodiacs, where Steller sea lions bellowed to the sky, and sea otters twirled in kelp forests. Everywhere we looked, life was teeming. Eagles held position against headwinds, floating side by side, occasionally flipping onto their backs and locking talons in mock courtship practice. Ravens offered commentary. Gulls sang.

The soundscape carried us through ocean swells and back to the ship, where cocktails awaited. Our naturalists put on a reenactment of sooty grouse courtship displays and a hands-on glimpse of plankton beneath the microscope. A humpback whale surfaced and offered a final fluke farewell, sealing a special day.