It was another beautiful day aboard National Geographic Sea Bird and today was to be spent on land at Puerto Magdalena. Whether people wanted to learn about the area’s endemic plants and hike to an outlook with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, follow coyote tracks and bike next to mangroves to a stunning beach, or walk around the town and learn about the desalination plant, all was offered.

Mira y Mar, a local restaurant owned by a charismatic man named Chejos, served refreshing beverages and fresh guacamole for people that wanted to have a relaxing day or wanted a well-deserved rest after their activities. One could even do a bit of shopping and pick out a shell necklace depicting Baja California Sur wildlife from a small shop.

A local pup named Lola greeted everyone, excited for a chance to play fetch, as they came to the restaurant. Lots of pets and good times were had by all involved. With ospreys and magnificent frigatebirds flying high in the skies, it was a beautiful day to visit Puerto Magdalena.