Today, our journey led us to the remote haven of Puerto Profundo, nestled within the Patagonian fjords. Navigating the meandering channels amidst islands sculpted by ancient glaciers, we discovered a secluded and breathtaking world.

Engaging with the resilient inhabitants of this isolated paradise, we met local fishermen dedicated to trapping king crabs; their lives are intricately woven with the ebb and flow of these icy waters. Spending grueling months aboard their modest vessels, they tirelessly harvest the coveted crustaceans. They told tales of solitude, as their only connection to the world beyond these waters came through intermittent visits from a supply boat every ten days. Surprisingly, these unsung heroes in remote seclusion had a lifeline to the world — a Starlink internet connection. This technological link was their beacon, offering a window to the outside world, and a tether to their families and loved ones in moments of solitude amidst the vast expanse of the sea.

The fishermen shared the astonishing journey of the day's catch. Every ten days these harvested crabs were swiftly transported back to Puerto Natales and then beyond, with the United States being a surprising destination. It was a revelation that the sought-after king crab on distant dinner tables might trace its origins to these far-off, secluded waters.

Our Zodiac cruise revealed a world of graceful neotropical cormorants perched on the rocky outcrops. However, the pinnacle of our voyage was the breathtaking encounter with the green-backed firecrown, the sole hummingbird found in Tierra del Fuego. Its resilience in adapting to the harsh environment mirrored the spirit of those who call this untamed wilderness their home.

As the day's adventure drew to a close, we bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Puerto Profundo and returned to the comfort of National Geographic Explorer. The day's exploration wasn't merely an adventure, it was an unveiling — a glimpse into the hidden marvels of Patagonia. The stories of the determined fishermen, the mesmerizing wildlife, and the untamed beauty of this land remain a testament to the undiscovered wonders of our planet.